Malaysia and Indonesia (and Singapore)

Let me start by saying that I am always fond of Malaysia and Malaysians. I lived with Malaysians during the first years of my grad school. I’ve been to Malaysia several times and enjoyed the environment. So, it is sad to me that we ran into each other not in a good situation. The latest being Malaysia’s claim that “Rasa Sayange” is not Indonesian song.

I usually write this column in Bahasa Indonesia, but I want our Malaysian friends to read it. Thus, I write it in English. It’s also a good opportunity for us – Indonesians – to embrace Singapore and Singaporeans as well. Well, the world actually.

My subjective observation about Indonesia(n), Malaysia(n), and Singapore(an) is this. We are culturally different. You can easily see the difference between Indonesian and Singaporean, but Malaysian? Yes, we are different!

Indonesians are creative people, cannot stand still, cannot follow simple rules like waiting in line, unpredictable, and the like. Thus, there’s corruption, bending the rules, what not. Well, you get the picture. We’re chaotic. We are extreem to the left. On the other hand, Singaporeans are extreem to the right. They are so tight, obedience, follow rules, and the like. Ordered, as oppose to chaotic. Basically, they are too sterile. Malaysians are somewhere in the middle.

If you put a bunch of Indonesians, Malaysians, and Singaporeans, you can tell who’s Indonesian. You’ll just have to find ones that are always laughing (for no apparent reasons), cannot sit silently, always move around, make a mess. Yep! Those are Indonesians. Ha ha ha. The thing is, we are too creative!

The three of us, we are great! We are good together. Picture this; a company composed of Indonesians, Malaysians, and Singaporeans. Singaporeans would run the business. Well, they know how to follow the rules. But, the (creative) content would be generated by Indonesians. This content would include music, story, dances, pictures, … arts. Indonesians know how to do it. There would be frictions between business people and creative content people. There is a need of an “interface”. That’s where Malaysians are needed. They are the buffer. This would be a great company. We just have to realize our strenghts and not jealous of each other. (Well, don’t tell the rest of the world. They don’t know this. Oops.) I want to be part of this company.

I am proud to be an Indonesian. The (Indonesian) characteristics that I have said earlier may be considered bad from a Western point of view, but it may not be bad from a “wierd” point of view. How can you say that corruption is good? Ha ha ha.

Now, going to the topic of “stealing” this and that (read: “Rasa Sayange” case). I have to say frankly that I am not amused. In fact, a little angry. After sitting down (actually sleeping over it), I am not angry anymore. Here’s why.

What’s being claimed by Malaysia is an intellectual property. A product of creativity. It’s not like Malaysian is trying to get an island from us (remember Amabalat case). That’s a bit different. We are talking about physical and natural resources that are not renewable. But, products of intellectual property are renewable. Meaning … we can make some more! Get it?

Don’t worry about the song. We can make some more. Well, assuming that Indonesians are still good creating good music. We do create great music, but the lyrics are just awfull. (Most songs today are love song, “I love ME”. Ha ha ha.) We, Indonesians, have to do something with our creativity. Don’t let it go down the drain. That’s our most important asset. We’ve got to do something, like making sure that art schools are supported and arts is part of our daily lives.

This is also important for Malaysia and Singapore. Remember, we want to create a corporation together! Get it? Together! Help us.

So, to our friends in Malaysia, please don’t hurt us by saying nonsense. (Pardon me for being harsh.) That would make us angry and unproductive. We are then focusing our energy towards this nonsense and not working on new things. We can work together. We are not enemies. We want to bring the world come to us, together. We can create more songs (even films) and you can use them. That is fine. Just don’t irritate us. But, I guess there’s always frictions in siblings.

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  1. now singaporean is included

    the problem is the ‘buffer’
    because the ‘buffer’ steal our creativity
    what will happen if the company have a thief??
    in Indonesia known as “Pencuri Tulang”
    “mencari kesempatan dalam kesempitan”
    what else?? for me stealing its still a sin

    if malaysian like the rasa sayange just say it and use it and dont claim it

    if only the malaysian not claim the song maybe we beyond dispute and still a ‘sibling’

    sorry for my english
    skalian blajar bahasa inggris 🙂

  2. Gladly, I’m an engineer. Nor an artist or an indonesia legal practioners (jadi ingat lagu umar bakri). This is about law and order. We have been dreadfully weak on this. That’s why we have this problem in the first place. We ‘let’ it happen.

  3. Hahaha, Oom Budi, you are really an Indonesian man. A creative person with this creative article.

    Made me more and more proud to be an Indonesian!

    You are Malaysian, you should be creative! Do not steal our creativity!

    Be careful Malaysian, we are Indonesian! You have to respect us! Otherwise, … 😀

  4. orang indonesia bilang;
    “Dasar orang Malaysia!”

    Orang Malaysia bilang;
    “Dasar Orang Indonesia!”

    Orang Singapore bilang;
    “Dasar orang Indonesia dan Malaysia!”

  5. We can’t compare Indonesian to Singaporean at such a shallow manner, Bro. Come on, we have such an abundant resource as compared to them, human resource for one, yet we couldn’t fully utilize it, and thus Indonesian lacks creativity. For this, respect to the Singaporean, as they further demonstrate their capability to become number one in SEA, and in Asia. They attract foreign investors, and soon, I believe, becoming the center of finance industry(which is pretty booming rite now), leaving behind Hong Kong, and other Asian countries.
    Singapore, lacking human resources, for the past years has been attracting foreign talents to study in its top universities at a very cheap rate, and in return those students are required to contribute to its industry. Well, basically, those students have to work in any company in Singapore for 3 years after graduation (the so-called tuition grant scheme). Lack of creativity, huh.
    Creativity, in my humble opinion, is not about neglecting rules but more on using those rules to produce something innovative.
    Trust me, I’ve been staying in Spore for abt 5 years, and these guys are friggin smart. Still, those Indonesians studying here, being timid or whatsoever, just socialize with themselves. Even those vietnamese is socializing better than us. Come on, their English is by no chance better than us. So, do we need creativity here ??
    Hey Indonesians, wake up !! we are losing here.

  6. @mlysn, no Malaysia is not a thief. Malaysia just borrows the song :). ha ha ha. Joking of course. We can debate on this on and on (… and on). But, why waste such energy when we can work together. (As for Rasa Sayange, I sang that song when I was a kid in a boy scout. It was a folk song. That would be 40 years ago! D@rn. I feel so old now.)

    @mancini, I know what Singapore is doing. I go there frequently (like, every other month) for the last 3? years. Now, there’s even more push towards arts in Singapore (and Malaysia). That’s how we (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore) attract tourists; with our cultural thing. It’s a no brainer to see that Indonesia has a vast amount of diversity. (We just don’t know how to manage them. That’s all. That’s where these other countries play a role.)

    Singapore is *very smart* in that she doesn’t really care what citizen you are as long as you’re making contribution to the country, you are Singaporean. Hats off to Singapore. While Indonesia and Malaysia are too picky (and are wrong! in my opinion). So, the creative people in Singapore could be … Indonesians 🙂 … but in Singapore. (So, Singapore who will get the credit – rightly so).

    Yes, I am interested in setting up compani(es) in Singapore and Malaysia. 🙂 Combine our strength!

  7. Well i guess indonesia is the most prominent country amongst the three. Why?
    Most apartment’s owners and rich persons in SG are Indonesians. If indonesians are getting out of there singapore will be poor.
    Most apartment’s maintanance bureaus (read: PRT ) in Malaysia are Indonesians. So if Indonesians are getting out of there, Malaysia’s home will be awful hence their productivity will drop quickly.
    So Indonesia is the buffer of both country.

  8. I dont know whether I have to sad or happy to hear about “Rasa sayang”claimed by Malaysia. I dont even understand why malaysia is easyly to say that It belongs to Maslaysia. Why Indonesian doesnt argue its song belongs to Indonesian. Why we have to keep silent and accept all Malaysian startements. I really confuse that we dont have a great spirit to prevent what we have, such as island, human right, criminals, and abused, and others. I am really sad to know that Indonesian is so relax and accept it as something that never be held in Indonesian’s hand. I hope this is the end of the sad story that Indonesia will loose something that should be held. Nothing will loose anymore here.

  9. Kenapa gak pake lagu “Isabella” aja ya?

    Terusterang menurut saya lagu ini ‘malaysia banget!’. Kabarnya AmiSearch jg masih ngetop disana sekarang. Jadi masBoing gak perlu merasa sepuh, masih ada AmiSearch nyanyi *rock*

  10. Menurutku bukan lagunya yang dipermasalahkan, tapi caranya mereka meng-claim lagu itu.
    Dan merendahkan.
    Dan pemerintah kita hanya diam. Sediam para tkw/i yang disiksa, dianiaya, diperkosa, bahkan dibunuh disana.

    Sekali lagi, sombong dan merendahkan. Gila! siapa yang tahan bangsanya direndahkan martabatnya? Dan ini bukan hanya sekedar lagu, ini nasionalisme. Dan akhirnya, gejolak ini menjadi wajar.

  11. Pak Budi, I like the way you see the issue. Pada kenyataannya, banyak sekali kesalahfahaman antar bangsa kita dengan bangsa Malaysia. Sudah saatnya kita untuk saling mengerti satu sama lain, dan tidak menyebar rasa saling benci.

  12. a nice article! salute to mas budi.

    mas budi, first time let me introduce myself. i also have something to do with malaysian. my beloved wife is malaysian, ehm, north kalimantan to be precise. they are quite different with those semenanjung malaysian. my wife’s family always said “thats semenanjung, not us..” if i asked her about those “pirating” issues. hahahaha.. from this, we know that they are not very unified, as a result of a premature unification by the british empire at 1963.

    they also said its forbidden ( kalau orang sunda teh bilang ini 😉 pamali’ ) for north bornean to speak semenanjung…wah wah wah..makin banyak aja nih bahasa di malaysia, udah bahasa melayu semenanjung, cina, india, sekarang ini pula… PEACE bro…

    actually, they always admire us because of our nationality and sense of “one” (unified, for precise).. when we go to medan for example, we can easily talk indonesia to communicate with people. not like them.

    back to topic. from my marriage, i can see that people in north borneo are very different than semenanjung.. they are highly creative. there we can find so many dance, song, and other civilization products, or known as culture.

    i dont know what is their (their refers to..ehm malaysian.., or maybe semenanjung only?) thinking of pirating our culture. maybe they want to be creative so that they can attract other side of “malaysian” to be united like us. but whats the benefit for them? they already “occupied” the north borneo, and there are only around 2,5 million people at north borneo, or 10% of total malaysian population ( hey man.. thats insignificant number for separation feeling.. ).. no benefit for them..

    or maybe they just lack of recources supporting them from Malaysia Trully Asia campaign? maybe they lack of culture diversity, or to be exact, culture originality.. most of culture there dominated by culture coming from outside of semenanjung.. and they are desperate to find their original culture.. and so they began to “adapt” our culture as their closest relatives..

    dulu batik, angklung, keris, eh sekarang lagu…

    we are historically close to them..only imperialism made us apart. there is one dance, zapin dance, that shows us the close relation between us (sumatra) and semenanjung..thats one of few evidences.

    but thats not the reason of rasa sayange claim. we all know that its a maluku song, and speaking of which, its indonesian song. its not close to them. its indonesian!

    but they need it, in order to enhance their so called original culture… ;D

    sorry to say, but i just want to say “kaciaaann deh loe..”

    and “kaciaann deh indonesia”

    take those all as our precautions to have more respect to our country. to our culture. to our unity. to our independence. it is time for us to respect more about our country. do not let this all happened again..kita jangan lemah lagi kawan. saatnya kita bangga dan berjuang sebagai orang indonesia.

    dont ask your country what they have given to you
    but ask ourself what we have given to our country.

    suatu hari nanti, mereka tak kan bisa mengklaim wayang kulit jika wayang kulit itu populer disini. sure of it and shame on them. just imagine if barongsai is claimed by non-chinese race. of course their claim will be very deniable bcoz barongsai is very popular and very common with chinese culture.

    our power lies in our respect to our culture and our nation..


  13. well…it’s a very nice writing. you wrote it diplomatically, friendly, and no anger (i mean…there is, but u can control it anyway).

    yes I’ve been thinking about this problem since its blowup. but my feeling is just between angry and sad.

    the problem of Indonesia-Malaysia may be has been there since long time ago, but we tried to keep it. and after all, one thing can trigger it and cause a very big conflict like this.

    if now we see in many websites, forums, or blogs in the internet, we can find many Indonesians n Malaysians argue each other. n see… it’s not only about “Rasa Sayange” (or Malaysian say “Rasa Sayang Hey!”), but thet start to mention many many things that happened before. Malaysians say bad things about Indonesia (n Indonesians), and vive versa.

    it’s such an unexpected situation. yeah…now Malaysia has copyright of keris, batik, angkluk..and what else next? can we blame our government for their weakness of maintaining our richness our just blame Malaysia which has no embarrassed feeling to use our properties then claim that those are belong to them.

    blaming can’t solve problem.

    if they think that we are lower than them, let’s just prove that we aren’t. no need too much talk, but we need act.

    deep in my heart, i want Indonesia-Malaysia to be peaceful and can understand each other.

  14. malingsial said to indonsial.. “bodoh”
    indonsial said to malingsial… “bodoh”
    i said… both are “bodoh”…

  15. interesting piece. just reminds when indonesia, under suharto’s rule, successfully averted the war between malaysia and singapore some years ago. thats how indonesian played its buffering role. as a matter of fact, singapore used to look up to indonesia when they just started building the country. that’s why they pick indonesian white-red added with the crescent moon and stars as their national flag.

  16. Assalammualaikum,

    Pak budi, im a Malaysian and from Malaysia indeed.

    First and foremost, what im going to say is that i see loads of anger and hates coming from the indonesian and i believe it is somewhat provoked by indonesian media.

    Now, the issues that im going to highlight rite now is not about those copyright issue over rasa sayang, angklung, batik and whatever it is… because it is obvious we shared the same culture and the majority of the malays in malaysia are direct descendents from indonesia nor im going to talk anything about how you think your country is creative and how some of your brothers think my country is worthless. What im going to address rite now is the way or manner on how both country, malaysia and indonesia handle this kind of issue and what made some malaysian dont have any respect towards the indonesian.

    Alright, seriously the malaysian do not really want to fight with the indonesian. Our leaders said so…. we never intended want to provoke any malaysian to do anything towards the indonesian who works here, live here and obtain permanent citizens here. Our media itself does not talk much about the incidents where you burns our flags and where some of you throw handgrenades into our malaysian embassy and how your media pour more oils into fire.

    Now, lets answer the question why some malaysian dont have any respect towards indonesian.

    Here are some of the reasons, afterall you guys start saying we are stealing from you rite, so lets start with your dishonest people that lives in malaysia :

    1) Many house-braking cases in Malaysia is done by the indonesian. Some of them even use some black magic or something. They left their shits in front of the gates sometime. My neighbours house was robe by indonesian twice and how do they know the robbers indonesian? through their voices of coz.

    2) Almost every family that have indonesian maid.. have the experience of being cheated, their children was abused, ran away with boyfriend, steal their bosses money and ran away or ran away then come back with their boyfriend to rob their ex-boss. My family ourselves got enough bad experiences of indonesian maid. We can turn our experiences into book. Theres more… if you want me to tell. Its not going to be enough. We treat all our maids/your people , like a people… theres only certain cases, wheres the employee is chinese that did abused your people.

    theres too many… you want reasons why some malaysian dont respect you.. theres just too many…
    crimes, rapes cases, nurin jazlin case for example.. just go search the net.. the gf of the rapist cum murderers is indonesian, and theres also a possibility that the rapist is indonesian.

    Social problems that your people cause in malaysia, and because we look the same, the non-malay malaysian … blame us for the things we never done.

    arh…non-malays…yeah thats another story, theres almost 1 millions indonesian that had acquired citizenship or maybe permanent residents here in malaysia… 1 millions.. pardon me if im wrong.. and the non-malays or non-muslims especially, does not feel comfortable about this..

    and you know what, some of our schools here, full with indonesian children.. of coz they born here, but their parents are both indonesian, and they enjoy every privillages and benefits that they should net get.. for example they lied to the authority in order to get study loans or even scholarship, many of them are admitted in the malaysian public university, they got all of this… by lying.. and this cause dissatisfaction among the non-malays. It is hard for them to enter public university..and you know what the malays act like this never happened… just because you guys are indonesian, same blood, same color…and everything. Just try to understand your brothers here.

    erm.. i dont know.. this is only a rant…

    just dont prolonged the issue alrite.. just start to understand each other. We malaysian bear no grudge against indonesian and stop anything that may hurts malaysians because no one will benefits from this.

  17. Dear Picisan. Wa’alaikum salam. I can understand how Malaysians feel about Indonesians, but you should understand why we are angry to the Malaysians (for the right reasons too).

    Yes, I can understand that there are problem with Indonesian maids working over there. Since most maids are from Indonesia, then problems related to the maids are blamed to Indonesians. 🙂 Of course. Who else can be point the finger at? If most maids were from Singapore (don’t hold our breath), then we can blame the Singaporeans. Ha ha ha.

    The thing is, I am sad that abuse (towards Indonesians) is done because of citizenship (not because a crime done by the person). It’s just like … if you’re Indonesian (in Malaysia) then you’re a target. I guess this is just like the situation, if you’re a Muslim then you must be monitored (by the American government). If an Indonesian (or anybody for that matter) did a crime, he or she must face the law. But it is wrong if you are targeted just because you are Indonesian, Malaysian, Singaporean, or whatever your citizenship might be, or Islam (or whatever your religion might be). This is what we feel now in Indonesia, that Malaysians are targeting Indonesians in Malaysia just because … they are Indonesians. There’s no witch hunt in Indonesia, just because you’re Malaysian. (But of course in certain places in Indonesia – for example the situation in Ambon – that problems like that exist. They hunt you just because you are part of a certain tribe / culture / religious group. I think this is wrong. Don’t you think?) I hope you get the picture.

    Another thing that makes Indonesians angry at Malaysians right now is this. Because of crimes done by Indonesians in Malaysia, Malaysians think that Indonesia is bad (and don’t want to be associated with Indonesia). On the other hand, when using Indonesian songs (or other cultural artifacts), Malaysians say that … hey we are from the same culture (and want to be associated with Indonesia). In Indonesia’s term “mau enaknya saja”. Ha ha ha … This looks bad for Malaysia. It looks like as if Malaysia is desperate trying to find her own identity.

    I think Indonesia and Malaysia should be “borderless”. We are pretty much the same people. 🙂

    Peace. (I want to visit KL again and meet with some friends there.)

  18. Good idea, Mas Budi. I want to work in such company. Let’s respect each other and then let’s collaborate. Let’s make peace & money, not war… 🙂

  19. Erm.. points taken, but seriously pak budi, i dont see we are targeting every indonesian here. Maybe some corrupts policemen and rela guys did. The malaysian also despise this kind of people. But other than that, most malaysian prefer to have indonesian as their maids or workers and indonesian films, songs, here are among the major hits in malaysia and we treat your artists well enough.

    and about the indonesian karate referee..

    why would someone walk outside on 3 in the morning?? isnt that suspicious?and why would he ran when the cop called him?? and fyi NILAI.. is blacklisted. Where cops dont wear uniform and where the crime rate is high.

    and yeah.. i think we have enough reasons and evidences to be extra careful towards indonesian…, because the majority of them are illegal and if we look at the statistics, the crimes done by indonesian, is much much higher than the crimes done by other immigrants and maybe even locals…. and no… theres no maids from singapore.. and so far.. i am sorry.. but i never heard any bad things done by maids from phillipines…and about the abused to the indonesian maid just merely because of the citizenship, i think maybe it is another story.. it involves all the race thing… i hope you understand.

    and i dont see.. why your media go to the extends of provoking and instill hatred towards the malaysian..

    and about “mau enak saja”, this is not a question of desperately looking for identity. Its not. This is a question of facts and reality, we are coming from the same blood line, our ancestors came from indonesia.

    and fyi.. theres nothing degrading with the word “INDON”.. its nothing…it fits our tounge.. and it is easier for us to say it and i dont know whats wrong with the indonesian, really.. what is the big fuzz…??stealing this and that?? arhh just last year some indonesian ripped 10 grant from my grandparents…
    what more do you want from us?
    more fighting? So the mongoloid wins…??

    anyway.. thanx for sharing your thoughts with me… just spread the love.. ok

    my father is a business man.. and he thinks there’s a humongous potential for business in indonesia.. if not because of the instability you guys are going to be 200 times better than us…


    looking forward of having you here sir… ^_^

  20. Seru juga 🙂
    IMO, mengeluh tidak banyak berguna. Ayo kerja supaya Indonesia bisa maju. Saya pikir kalau kita sudah maju, masalah TKI juga akan menghilang dengan sendirinya (alias tidak ada lagi yang kesana). Kalaupun ada yang kesana itu sebagai tenaga ahli.

    Daripada ribut tentang lagu, coba buat pariwisata kita maju. Lihat saja di acara TV, potensi Indonesia gila-gilaan besarnya. Laut, pantai, gunung, makanan, budaya woow, coba diurus dengan baik pasti TOP. Kalau urusan ngomel dan marah-marah sih gampang, kerja beneran itu yang susah hehe.

  21. kita semua jadi prihatin melihat kondisi perselisihan antara malaysia

    dan indonesia.. kelihatannya perselisihan bertambah panas setelah era

    reformasi di indonesia.

    baru baru ini malaysia melakukan pemojokan terhadap indonesia, dari yang

    terbesar adalah kasus klaim ambalat oleh malaysia dengan memulai

    mengirimkan kapal perangnya masuk ke wilayah indonesia dan beberapa

    klaim di bidang seni,budaya,bahkan makanan khas indonesia.
    hal ini tentu saja menimbulkan kemarahan seluruh bangsa indonesia dan

    setelah saya membaca beberapa komentar diatas yang sepertinya ditulis

    oleh warga negara malaysia ternyata orang malaysia pun marah terhadap

    orang indonesia karena masalah warga negara indonesia yang dianggap

    telah melakukan tindakan buruk di malaysia terutama tenaga kerjanya.

    kalau tindakan kejahatan(sepertinya ini tidak terbuki secara hukum)

    yang dilakukan oleh SEDIKIT orang indonesia dijadikan alasan menjadi

    kebencian terhadap bangsa indonesia, rasanya terlalu mengada ada dan

    tidak adil deh. lalu satu lagi adalah saya baca beritanya di tempat lain

    adalah kasus musisi malaysia yang gerah karena radio-radio dimalaysia

    lebih sering memutar lagu penyanyi dari indonesia dibandingkan lagu

    musisi malaysia..dan katanya mereka mau memboikot….kasian juga

    ya..hehehe ( bukti kalau yang jago membuat lagu itu orang

    indonesia..peace man)

    apakah kalian (orang malaysia) tahu, akhir akhir ini yang membuat citra

    bangsa indonesia buruk di mata dunia sebagai sarang teroris adalah orang

    malaysia? sebut aja bapak abu bakar baasyir, nurdin m top dan Dr azhari

    (maaf kalo ada salah tulis)…tapi sepertinya orang indonesia tidak

    terlalu marah tuh(tidak melakukan kebencian terhadap orang malaysia

    seperti yang dilakukan oleh malaysia terhadap indonesia..peace man)dan

    tidak memasalahkan orang tersebut berasal dari mana dan kita(orang

    indoesia) TIDAK PERNAH menyalahkan malaysia lah yang telah merusak citra

    indonesia di mata dunia(mungkin karena orang indonesia tuh kalo sama

    malaysia masih merasa saudara)..jadi terlalu berlebihan kan kalo orang

    malaysia mesti marah..padahal kalian (orang malaysia) mestinya malu

    (maaf nih yaaa) kepada pemerintahan kalian yang telah mengklaim lagu

    rasa sayange, batik, angklung, rendang dll. saya yakin didalam hati

    sanubari orang-orang malaysia pasti menolak klaim tersebut kan? karena

    itu sebenarnya malah merendahkan martabat orang malaysia sendiri di mata

    dunia dan pastinya dimata orang-orang indonesia.( tapi kita sih gak

    pernah kok menganggap rendah orang malaysia tapi kita menganggap rendah

    orang orang yang sekarang berdiri di pemerintahan malaysia yang saya

    rasa tidak tahu malu, mestinya warga negara malaysia protes sama

    pemerintahannya supaya jangan mempermalukan diri sendiri..)
    orang indonesia itu orangnya ramah dan toleran ( coba aja tanya deh sama

    bule_bule yang datang ke indonesia pasti itu jawabannya)..kita sebagai

    orang serumpun mestinya malah saling toleran dan menghargai kelebihan

    dan kekurangan masing masing.

    jangan sampai masalah-masalah ini menjadi besar dan berakhir dengan

    Karena kita mestinya WASPADA dan mencermati perselisihan ini, terutama

    bagi indonesia karena saat ini negara kesatuan kita republik indonesia

    tengah menghadapi serangan perpecahan dari luar dan dalam. indonesia

    sebagai negara muslim terbesar dianggap negara barat suatu saat akan

    menjadi ancaman buat mereka. begitu juga malaysia jangan mau dijadikan

    boneka (inggris) saja mestinya malaysia punya sikap. karena perselisihan

    antara indonesia dan malaysia sekarang ini tampaknya merupakan bagian

    dari AGENDA ‘BARAT’ untuk memecah belah negara muslim seperti indonesia

    dengan menggunakan malaysia dari luar dan isu HAM,aliran-aliran sesat

    isu Gender, kebebasan berbicara dll dari dalam.

    jadi buat orang indonesia dan terutama malaysia kita mesti waspada

    jangan mau saja di adu domba oleh pihak-pihak tersebut. Kebencian barat

    terhadap negara-negara mayoritas muslim tampaknya semakin besar kita

    bisa lihat kan apa yang mereka lakukan terhadap irak, afganistan,

    palestina dll dan sekarang mereka tengah mengembargo Iran. mestinya kita

    bersikap seperi iran ya ngga sih…jangan mau di atur oleh barat.dan

    buat malaysia jangan mau dong di jadikan boneka sama inggris ..kalian

    kan dah merdeka bukan lagi jajahan inggris..bangkit man..!! (bukti

    malaysia masih jadi boneka barat terutma inggris banyak tuh…salah

    satunya kenapa coba, iran kerjasama nya sama indonesia bukan sama

    malaysai bikin kilang minyak? karena iran ga mau berhubungan langsung

    sama antek barat…gituh heheheh satu lagi deh… kenapa coba malaysia

    berani kirim militernya ke wilayah indonesia kalo tidak mendapat

    dukungan dari negara-negara persemakuran mana berani

    kan?…alhamdulillah waktu itu presiden kita dengan gagah berani

    menghampiri pasukan malaysia di perbatasan..dan pernah denger ga? kalau

    ketika itu kapal yang digunakan presiden yang terbuat dari bahan fiber

    (karena tidak berniat perang) bisa bikin penyok kapal malaysia yang

    terbuat dari logam..hehee..berkat doa seluruh rakyat indoesia kapal

    malaysia langsung puter balik..hhihihihi.

    jadi pokoknya kita mesti waspada deh jangan sampai indonesia dan

    malaysia terus terusan berselisih…yah saling toleran lah kita semua

    pasti punya kelebihan dan kekurangan kalo ada masalah mestinya kita

    harus cerdas dan dewasa dan mencermati kenapa bisa sampai ada

    perselisihan kayak gini…jadi WASPADA jangan mau di adu domba!!!!

  22. iya tuh kayaknya ada sesuatu yang besar deh dibalik kasus malaysia dan indonesia. Kayaknya malaysia malaysa ngga akan berani begitu aja kalo ngga ada dukungan dibelakangnya sampe kirim pasukan militer segala ke perbatasan indonesia…. Hidup indonesia tetap bersatu!

  23. picisan, originally i didn’t want to drag this further (because it creates more bad feelings …) but i decided to add more.

    as for the karate referee incident, i could see many reasons why he would be outside at 3 in the morning. it’s not uncommon to do that in jakarta :). heck i’ve done it a couple of times. i had long meetings with friends. besides, he was there for a short period of time and why would he do crime? a simple interoggation would suffice. running away? if i were in his shoes at that time, i would do the same. (unknown persons calling you … it could be a gang.) wouldn’t you?

    but, let’s leave it at that. let’s assume it was just a bad incident. shit happens. let’s move forward (with friendship).

    as for the “indon” name calling thing, i have no objection. (i posted this somewhere else.) but, most indonesians don’t feel the same. just because i don’t mind doesn’t mean it is right. i wish malaysians stop using “indon” and indonesians do not start using “malingsia” (or other new terms).

    one interesting thing is that singaporean use “indo” to refer to us. and … they do (use) it not in an insulting tone. i think indonesians don’t mind. i could be wrong, though.

    lack of trust is growing … now, this is a problem. and i can see that it is growing. aduh, bagaimana ni? kita tak semestinya begaduh.

  24. some indonesian maids do crime in malaysia = indonesians do crime?
    some indonesians ripped 10 grant from malaysian = indonesians rip money from malaysian?

    honestly, i can’t find any reason to make those statements logically true.
    but anyway, it’s so human, some of us are easier to associate a person by his/her citizenship, religion, etc.
    well, for that particular case, there’s still a chance to make us understand each other to make good friendship .

    however, when malaysian government claim some indonesian heritages as malaysian original, well it’s already crossed the line!

    first, it’s claimed by malaysian government, which represent all malaysians, which means all malaysians do that.
    second, if malaysian ancestors come from indonesia, why don’t malaysian say that the heritages originally come from indonesia, not malaysian original?
    what make us sad is: how can you claim that as your original while historical evidents clearly prove that it is truly indonesia.

    please, malaysian brothers, don’t do that terrible thing to us.


  25. Yaya.. pak budi.. enough is enough rite..

    why more fightin eyh?

    thanx pak budi…

    and for you GAUSS

    i dont really get it…

    what do you mean you cant find my statement
    logically true?

    i say.. they are my grandparents …and what they told me and the whole family is true… they did loss 10 grants, and some indonesian really ripped if off from them. They made a police report about it..

    want a copy of the report?

  26. well guys….
    for some reasons, i feel depressed by some perceptions and explanation of “currently” fights between malaysians and indonesians..
    the discussion become hotter and hotter among bloggers or those who have internet connection, well, try to ask these matters to those who “old enough” and dont care lots bout this “feelings of being robbed”..i’m not sure it will be a big problem for them. for instance. once i tried to have a talk with an old woman whose daughter is working in malaysia, “i dont even know whats the problem, my daughter sends me money everymonth and i feel happy and satisfy with that although i miss her lots” the old woman said. she is soo young to go far away from me but that the choice for our life extension, i’m old enof to work hardly like before, hope she can make more money and come back here, miss to be together again” add her.
    of course, the old woman was not representing the total of indonesian population, and i’m sure not all indonesian politicians aware bout this..
    so, should we fight?
    in other point of view, i have a malaysian cyber-friend, we knew each other via YM few years back, and we have discuss alots. she said that she love indonesians movies (sinetron) and songs, she even knows about the singers and Bands more than me, she can sing too. we speak bahasa indonesia in indonesian ways or sometime in english(to be honest, i never ever understand her malays language, and she said, they hardly speak BM in their home as well) and never in malays..
    once i asked her about her feeling regarding the “battle againt piracy”, she said, “yeah, we are malay (melayu, in this case) and perhaps we have same background, but i have no idea about those “rendang, rasasayang and many more”, to be honest, as malaysian (people of malaysia, not goverment of malaysia), i would like to say, “if it yours, so it should be yours, i like it, love to hear it, but, its originally yours, so again, originally yours”, so, we can keep listening by stating the owner, (which in this case, indonesian)..said her..
    whats the point?
    not all malaysian are consider that those things(what they think is thiers now) are thiers, in other words, it still ours, coz originally ours, isnt it?
    what i think is that, their government, not their community, who make these worst, so if we want to have complaints, we have to addres them to malaysian goverment, not by “conducting wars between netters”..
    regarding some overreactions/”overaktiv kalee” from malaysian officers, we can complain those things as well to their goverment, not, again by blaming ther ‘sinless”community..coz we threat them well and respectfull everytime they visit our beloved country,
    so, can keep in peace, think clearly and …tambah sendiri..for me, no need to break a friendship just because of “misunderstanding and miscommunication as well as unknown” of each others”

    again..peace man..

  27. saya rasa ada baiknya saya menulis dengan bahasa Indonesia yang baik dan benar. dan untuk saudara-saudara saya yang berkebangsaan malaysia, saya yakin anda faham/mengerti bahasa Indonesia bukan?

    pertama untuk pak Budi, terima kasih atas tulisan anda. Isi yang anda coba sampaikan saya rasa dapat diterima dengan baik oleh sebagian besar orang yang membacanya, apapun kebangsaan mereka. Saya rasa tulisan anda sedikit-banyak memberikan titik terang untuk “konflik” ini.

    Untuk saudara sebangsa, tolonglah! jangan memperkeruh suasana dengan melempar komentar tidak cerdas seperti ancaman atau ejekan. Anda hanya akan membuktikan tuduhan mereka kalau orang indonesia adalah sekumpulan orang bodoh dengan tata bahasa yang tidak bersopan santun(saya sengaja tidak menunjuk orang yang saya maksud, anda merasa sendirilah).
    ya benar, pulau nusantara telah di klaim oleh malaysia, beberapa khaazanah budaya bangsa juga telah diklaim oleh malaysia, ratusan TKI juga telah diperlakukan dengan tidak senonoh di negri tersebut, namun apakah bijaksana bila kita mengungkapkan kekecewaan kita kepada rakyat malasysia?
    coba saudara pikirkan secara baik-baik. apakah kebudayaan kita akan “tercuri” bila peperintah kita perduli? saya rasa kita menyeuarakan kekecewaan kita ke arah yang salah. pemerintah seharusnya lebih proaktiv menjaga khazanah kebudayaan kita. tapi jika membicarakan tentang pemerintah, tidak akan ada habisnya.

  28. kalau saya mempunyai pemikiran bahwa malaysia sampai berani memulai perseteruan ini karena pejabat penting disana ada yg menjadi kaki tangan dunia barat khususnya amerika dan inggris.Bagaimana mungkin luas kepulauan yg kecil itu berani memulai perang mental ini jika dibelakang mereka tdk ada dukungan dr pihak barat….mereka mau mengorbankan saudara serumpun demi uang dan janji utk dukungan partai politik mereka……semua itu ujung2nya uuuuaaaaannngggggg dan kekuasaan belaka…YAA AYYUHALADZI AAMANU TUBU ILLAAAHI TAUBATANN NASUHAA…..HAIII ORANG2 MU’MIN KITA INI SAUDARA SERUMPUN DAN SEIMANN JGN SAMPAI MAU DIADU DOMBAA…MODEL KAYA KOMPENI VOC YG MENJAJAH INDONESIA RATUSAN TAHUNAN SIALAM…..INGAT BAHAYA LATEN DUNIA BARAT DAN YAHUDI…MEREKA TDK AKAN PUAS JIKA BANGSA YG MAYORITASNYA MUSLIM INI HANCUR….LALU MEREKA AKAN TERTAWAAA SENANG KRN KITA MUDAH DI BODOHI MEREKA….

  29. maybe we have to anlayze this cases in the different perspectives, and maybe there are many malaysians that also respect to our cultures, and there are many malaysians also who did not respect to our cultures, as the same south east asian country we have to build togetherness against the global affects of the culture degradations, so the media, especially televisions should not broadcasted things that will made such a confrontation between countries. As a part of south asian countries we have to think clearly and keep the peace, and not to sacrifice the good relationships with other south asian countries. thx.

  30. Mas Budi, actually Indonesians can be the creative, the buffer as well as the businessman because we have 220 million people so it is not necessarily that all Indonesians are extremely to the left. Malaysians and Singaporeans are actually the same as they were one country before 1965. Next time, please made an article about the comparisons between Indonesians and all the people of Southeast Asia such as Thais, Filipinos, Vietnamese and Burmese. Thanks.

  31. MALAYSIAN: Rapidly developing,Quick learner,lazy

    INDONESIAN: Creative,Defensive,short minded

    SINGAPORE: Discipline,Firm,would do anything for success even relatively evil stuff

  32. malaysia stole ur song……how many indonesian live in malaysia…….and do criminal…..and so arrogant. i hate malay but i hate indonesian more.they make malaysia like their own country……wild party and so rude to others. i feel live in kuala lumpur just like i live in indonesia.everybody speak in indonesia.i don’t feel this is malaysian country anymore. i think malay hate indonesian more than chinese…….and ur good idea about stolen ur culture…..i’ll claim malaysian goverment that they stole our chinese heritage…..and also indian culture……i sing that song in my class…..and even my chinese ancestor know that song..okey…it’s 150 years ago….

  33. be honest i dont quite agree with the statement, with the buffer things, left and right. All countrymen has their own strength. I dont agree that malaysian are lazy, even malay are not lazy. What fundamental studies that u claim malay malaysian are lazy?. Even Tun Sri Lanang are paid to wrote some articles by British, and off couse he may wrote something that approved by the boss.

    Singapore are basicallay more advanced from Malaysia because it always have been whilst still in our territory, its a malaysian port. Indonesia is always a nice country to visit due to its cultural and phemonenal scenary and lower conversion rate, but its not really appealing lately due to the threat. I remember my sister went to Bali during the Kuta was bombed. Probably only Malaysian will trust Indonesian no matter what happened there…but now the feeling is decreasing.

    Malaysian shouldnt feel that we steal anything from Indonesia. You can claim rasa sayang your song but its still closed to our heart..afterall Indonesia have been here as a nation far longer than Malaysia. But batik?.. I dont think Indonesian batik is similar to Malaysian batik. The textile used, the print, the colour are far different. There are many batiks in the world even from Africa, and will Indonesia send some protest to them?. Its not even borrowed, its created. Every nation has their brainer and creative person and not Indonesia alone. Indonesia such a big country with nearly 200 mills people will definitely produce more talent and cretive people then country that have 20 mills over makes sense. And to be honest, I only recognised krisdayanti and Sheila on 7 as Indonesian artist and the rest are not really popular. And I only watch Thais movies in Astro. Not all Indonesian movies and sinetron are known. Its flooded here with the viewer but well everyone has their preference.

    if u are saying that malaysian are the buffer, you should start consider watching The Amazing Race Asia and find some behavorial watch. Well, as many other Malaysian, we are not incline with some provocation but if there are any, so we must.

    At the end of the day, looking at the current scenario, I wish “careful” to my fellow Malaysian student/businessperson/visitor to Indonesia. May God bring u back to Malaysian safely.

  34. Saya membaca dari komentar pertama sampai dengan akhir…

    Terimaksih untuk pak budi.. artikelnya sangat mencerahkan. Saya juga membaca isu ini dari beberapa blog dan pada kesimpulannya hati saya tetap tidak bergeming.

    Apapun bentuknya INDONESIA tetap Tanah Tumpah Darah Ku, Saya mencintai Indonesia. Bila diperlukan darah juga akan saya tumpahkan untuk Indonesia.. apakah ini berlebihan?.. saya rasa tidak Agama manapun mewajibkan umatnya untuk membela kehormatan bangsa dan negaranya.

    Untuk Pemerintah Indonesia yang sekarang berkuasa bersikaplah lebih tegas… supaya Anda yang terhormat tidak dibenci rakyat sendiri.

    Untuk Malaysia… sebenarnya tinggal anda mengakui bahwa itu kasil karya bangsa indonesia dan tidak mengulagi kesalahan yang sama, itu sudah cukup.

    Untuk bangsa Indonesia yang tinggal diMalaysia, dan masih “ngeyel” untuk tetap mencari rizki disana.. bersikaplah sopan dan santun bukankah itu ciri keIndonesiaan ?.

    *Saya tidak pernah meninggalkan komentar tanpa menyertakan Url dan email yang Valid, karena saya bukan bagian dari bangsa yang pengecut !!!

  35. Assalamu’alaikum kepada semua. Boleh saya beri komentar sedikit. Bagi saya indonesia dan malaysia adalah sebuah negara yang bisa jadi yang terbaik di sea. Kerna negara anda memiliki hasil bumi yang banyak. Bukan seperti singapura yang tak punya apa2. Saya adalah rakyat singapura. Harapan saya semoga negara anda berdua bisa bekerja sama membangun negara anda menjadi sebuah negara yang makmur. Saya sebagai orang melayu cuma tumpang berbangga. Saya pernah tinggal di malaysia selama 5 tahun dan selama itu kata2 positif dan negatif banyak yang saya dengar tentang orang melayu singapura. Dan sekarang saya banyak menghabiskan masa saya di indonesia, batam, jawa barat dan jakarta. Oleh kerna saya bisa ngomong bahasa indonesia dengan fasih gak ada teman2 yang saya kenali tau saya orang singapura klu saya gak ngomong. Cuma klu saya ke jawa barat orang2 disana udah kenal saya kerna istri no 2 saya orang cirebon. Sekitar 6 tahunan saya bermain di indonesia belum pernah lagi saya dengar yang enggak2 tentang orang singapura. Bagi saya kita adalah sedulur (saudara) salam asih aseh asuh buat semua.

  36. well well assalamualaikum, the problem between our countries was much provoked by the Indonesian media,yes I dont say that there is no issues but your media love to blow the issue out of prorportion.There are cases where the employer which i think are mentally ill illtreated their maid which I as a human being abhor too but there are thousands of cases that the maids are treated like family ,even like my cousin a doctor who will go all out to pamper her maid so she may not elope.Issues of claiming does Malaysia want to patent all the Indonesian intellectual properties,if yes please show me the prove.Rasa sayangye i reckon not even originally Indonesian, it has an origin of Holland.Even Negaraku originated from France or the such.Malaysia does not claim rasa sayang it is a nusantara song,even the Singaporean sang it on the National day celebration.Brunei too recognise it as a Malay folklore song.But alas Malaysia will always be the target for hatred.Dont you Indonesian see a certain matter from different perspective?You say Malaysia rob Sipadan and Ligitan from you,have you ever wonder why Malaysia claim Sipadan and Ligitan as ours,do you ever ponder the other side of the story?Does malaysian so dumb to rob other country mercilessly to satisfy its greed?Why was Malaysia awarded the Sipadan and Ligitan by the icj.Because Indonesia did not have enough prove and sustantial argument to prove the the Islands are theirs.Even malaysia lost Pulau Batu Putih to Singapore because the Letter by Sultan Johor to prove that the Island was ceded to British was lost and thus Singapore had proven that they have done some activities on the Island-from the British time when Singapore was still part of Malaysia.We Malaysian feel dissapointed but we are civilised enough to accept the verdict with an open heart.Yes i agree with you that Malaysian are generally peace loving people.We are usually not the kurang ajar type, we like to resolve matter peacefully even our flag had been burnt and our embassy had been thrown with faeces,we were still calm, Ido not Know what will happen if the same thing happen to your country.Anyway as aMalaysian i am very proud of my country and feel very blessed to be a Malaysian.I just hope Indonesia as the biggest Muslim nation in the world would be a leader and model for Muslims with mature and farsighted outlook

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