Internetworking Indonesia Journal (Vol.1/No.1) published

Dear Colleague,

The Inaugural Issue (Vol.1/No.1) of the Internetworking Indonesia Journal (IIJ) has just been published.  You can get free access to the papers (PDF) at the following location:

Here is the Table of Contents:

The Overhead and Efficiency Analysis on WiMAX’s MAC Management Message
by Ardian Ulvan, Vit Andrlik & Robert Bestak

Loop-back Action Latency Performance of an Industrial Data Communication Protocol on a PLC Ethernet Network
by Endra Joelianto & Hosana

“Wayang Authoring”: A Web-based Authoring Tool to Support Media Literacy for Children
by Wahju Agung Widjajanto, Michael Lund, & Heidi Schelhowe

Studi atas Prilaku Pengguna Layanan Wide Area Network (WAN) BPKP
by Desi Nelvia & Rudy M. Harahap

Issues in Elliptic Curve Cryptography Implementation
by Marisa W. Paryasto, Kuspriyanto, Sarwono Sutikno & Arif Sasongko

Hormat kami.

Thomas Hardjono (MIT Kerberos Consortium)
Budi Rahardjo (ITB)
Kuncoro Wastuwibowo (PT Telkom)

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