Seven 2013: day 1

This is my entry for Seven Draw Your Day 2013, day 1.
BR day1 sh happens 1000

That day I had to be online for an internet disaster drill, but alas … no internet access. It was a disaster. I could not use campus proxy because I downloaded too much the day before (updating Xcode, 2 GB). My account was suspended. Tried to use 3G. Got EDGE only from operator #1 (cannot name names). It was too slow. I could open twitter, but that was it. Operator #2 was even worse, no signal at all! Arrrggghhh…

(Note: typos in the drawing, but don’t feel like fixing it. ha ha ha)

About Budi Rahardjo

Teknologi informasi, security, musik, buku Lihat semua pos milik Budi Rahardjo

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