Seven 2013: day 1

This is my entry for Seven Draw Your Day 2013, day 1.
BR day1 sh happens 1000

That day I had to be online for an internet disaster drill, but alas … no internet access. It was a disaster. I could not use campus proxy because I downloaded too much the day before (updating Xcode, 2 GB). My account was suspended. Tried to use 3G. Got EDGE only from operator #1 (cannot name names). It was too slow. I could open twitter, but that was it. Operator #2 was even worse, no signal at all! Arrrggghhh…

(Note: typos in the drawing, but don’t feel like fixing it. ha ha ha)


6 pemikiran pada “Seven 2013: day 1

  1. aduh susah juga klo dibikin per akun begitu ya..
    klo proxy dipake bersama sih tinggal tunneling saja πŸ˜€
    mac blocked, bypass pake mac changer.. hahaha

    btw, gambarnya keren pak..

  2. semua aturan itu demi kepentingan bersma dan pastinya sama imbangnya. Hehehe…. try to understand what he told, but actually i don’t understand that… what poor i am.

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